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  1. Breathe Again

Written by: Mandy Leigh Haygood


“Breathe Again”

It feels like I’m drowning in this thing called life
like i’m about to slip under and sink at any time
well i’ve been told that when it rains it pours
and if your hope is not anchored you’ll drift away from the shore

I’ve been worrying these waves in my life are raring back
like a tower over me they’re just waiting to attack
these howling winds are too much for me to take on my own
but You’re standing here beside me letting me know I’m not alone

I’m gonna breathe again, let go of all the worrying
when the doubts are pulling me under
when the doubts are weighing me down
I’m gonna stand again with a strength that only You can give
because my life depends on You, so I’m reaching for Your hand I’m gonna breathe again

I broke down when I took my focus off of You
too easily distracted by the storm I’m going through
Not enough trust only leaves more room for doubt
You tell me do not fear, Your hand is reaching out


I’ve been feeling overwhelmed like every day is getting harder
I keep telling my self my life guard walks on the water
And the power of Your voice can calm the winds
You’re my safety through it all, I’m gonna breathe, gonna breathe again

I’m getting stronger with You by my side
The closer I draw the more I feel alive
I could never keep my head up above the water on my own
all it takes is taking Your hand
You are in control


© 2016